Mdm Ling Bakery

Wendy Kan

So glad that Mdm Ling baos are now avail at major Fairprice NTUC outlets now n hence I was able to buy n try them without much hassle – previously it seemed to be oos on their website most of the time. My family n I are now regular buyers of the baos. Each family member has his own preferred flavour but I think all 3 (red bean, lotus seed, salted yolk lava) are nice in their own way. Btw, their salted yolk filling is really in lava consistency, which is uncommon for this flavour among the various supermarket brands for baos. All the baos hv smooth, generous fillings. Red bean bao is notably fluffy. All taste pleasantly sweet n fresh. Last time I checked, their ingredients are also pretty simple without much artificial additives. Definitely worth recommending these delicious baos to others!

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