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Repurposing Ideas For Your Mooncake Boxes

Repurposing Ideas from A to Z – Mooncake Gift Boxes

Mooncakes Game Boxes and mooncakes

What do you do with your old mooncake boxes?

Here’s an A to Z list of what they can do besides just “storing things”.


What Can Your Mooncake Box Do?


A – Accessories storage box

B – Board game box as it is / Books

C – Containers (Mdm Ling Bakery’s Fun-sized tubs)

D – Dad’s organiser box (Wallet, Car keys, Necktie, Mobile phone, Watch, Earpiece)

E – Egg carton / Essential oil bottles

F – Farmyard for kids’ animal figurines / First aid box / Flash cards

G – Grocery bags / Glassware

H – Handkerchiefs / Hair dryer (small)

I – Iron resting on a cloth / Ink pens

J – Jewellery / Jars of jam

K – Keychain souvenirs from around the world / keys for the whole house

L – Lint brush / Ladles / Lego Blocks

M – Mail box / Mask storage / Magnet souvenirs

N – Nuts and bolts / Napkins / Novels

O – Oven gloves / Ointments

P – Pinatas for parties (except Snacks & Ladders-themed box) / Post-it note pads / Perfume miniature bottles / Planter box

Q – Quilt making tools

R – Receipts for reimbursement claims / Ribbons for Christmas

S – Stationery organiser / Stamps / Sewing Kit / Scarves

T – Tea cups organiser / Towels for kitchen / Tissue / Torchlight / Vintage telephone

U – Umbrellas (Japan made) / Utensils

V – Vehicle playsets

W – Winter socks stashed away (while waiting for international travel to resume) / Watches

X – Xerox paper / Xray stuff

Y – Yoyo collection / Yarn

Z – Zoo collection toys / Ziplock bags

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