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Deepavali Gift Box (Box only)


Deepavali Gift Box (Box only)

$1.60 w/GST

Is your gift presentable or Present-ABLE?

It is human nature for us to make our presents look as good as possible. Does a present in a gift box with a gift card make a more presentable, well-liked gift? Perhaps you would like to ask these questions instead. Is the present, in its barest form, able to be:

A gift from the heart

B ig on love

L imiting your footprint on the environment

E co-wise

Only if you are able to commit to recycle, reuse or upcycle the gift box and gift card, get them at $1 each. Let us remind ourselves to give a gift from the heart and not a gift that will inflict more harm to the trees in the forest.

“Make it a gift from the heart, not from the heart of the forest.” – Mdm Ling Bakery team

** Each Gift box can fit 2 standard-size cookies or 4 fun sized cookies and comes with a matching gift card**

For bulk orders, please Whatsapp +65 8428 6006 or email us at [email protected]



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