Otah Macaron Bun – 4 pcs


200g (50g/pc)

Are you a macaron fan and tempted towards savories? Inspired by the famous pâtissier Jean-Luc Pelé who created foie gras macarons, Mdm Ling Bakery decided to put a local spin on this all-time classic and experimented sandwiching a generous filling of our MUAR-vellous Otah between 2 perfectly smooth discs made of fluffy steamed bun. Voila! The rendition is this first-of-its-kind, macaron-resembling variation – Otah Macaron Bun.

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BUNDLE (TSP/LSP/LRP) total 3 packs: $19.90 (UP $24.60)
TSB 2 for $14.90 (UP $17.80)
LSB 2 for $18.90 (UP $21.80)
LRB 2 for $7.90 (UP $9.60)
OMB 2 for $11.90 (UP $13.60)

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