King Crowns BUNdle

King Crowns BUNdle Includes:

1 x King Crowns

1 x Bottle of Signature Cookies in Standard-Size (Selected Flavours)

2 x Otah Macaron Buns

2 x Muar-vellous Otah

King Crowns (Muruku-Inspired Fusion Crisps) **NEW**

Hae Bee Hiam Cookies (蝦米香饼)

Out of stock

Cuttlefish Strips Original (原味鱿鱼片)

In stock

Cuttlefish Roll Spicy (香辣鱿鱼卷)

Out of stock

Crispy Crabsticks (蟹味条)

Mala 麻辣

Arrowhead Crisps (Cheeku) 慈姑饼

Wasabi 芥末

Otah Macaron Bun - 4 pcs × 2

Out of stock

Muar-vellous Otah × 2

In stock

Out of stock

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